Monday, May 14, 2012

A Bed Meal Fit for a Queen

I have to say, turning 6 turned LJ into such a little man. Or maybe its because with hubs gone, he IS the man of the house. Anyway, I woke up yesterday with a headache from HELL!!!!! So my lil man put one of his fave movies in, and said, "you relax momma, I will watch this." So I asked him if he wanted some breakfast while he watched his movie. "Oh, its your day momma, let me make you a "bed meal."" Thats his way of saying breakfast in bed :) So he goes into the kitchen and gets to work. "No Peeking!!!" he tells me. Not a good sign I think to myself, lol. In a few minutes he returns from the kitchen with this:

The rundown: First let me start by saying he looked positively ADORABLE in his new Legion tee, it comes down past his knees, I wanted to squeeze the poo outta him!!! Now, the MENU: He made momma lemonade in his nifty Backyard Safari Canteen. A pb sandwich on a hamburger bun, complete with SALT and PEPPER! Yep, I said SALT AND PEPPER!!! A pack of Angry Birds fruit snacks, and a piece of "BREATH REFRESHMENT (gum for all those that don't speak Liam). 
Okay, so the first thought that went thru my mind was NOT how sweet he was being, it WAS how am I going to eat is!!!! Sorry, no sugar coating here, and anyone who watched their 6 year old prepare them a meal would be lying if they said they didn't wonder how in the world they were going to eat the concoction! My second thought was how much I love this lil man, and how sweet he is! Soooooo, after he served me, he went into the kitchen to get himself something to eat. PRAISE JESUS!!!!!! (he was surely watching over me, and KNEW I needed to discreetly feed the dog!) I quickly fed Miss Josie all but ONE bite of the sandwich before Liam returned to the living room. I started to make a big fuss over how yummy it was, and how FULL I was. "You fed it to Josie Momma!!!!" No wool to be pulled over those young eyes!!! "No, I didn't Liam. She is licking her lips because it looks so darn yummy!!! I couldn't eat another bite, it was just so good! Maybe we should let her try the last bite?" "I didn't hear you sneeze from the pepper, so I don't think you ate it." NOW WHAT DO I SAY??????? Ummm, quick, think of something before he asks to smell my breath (he totally would do that!) Saved by ADHD, a commercial came on, and got his attention. HALLELUJAH!!! He then let me feed the last bite to the dog (thank you josie for always being there :)) 
And that my friends was my momma's day morning!!!! As I am writing this, he is in the kitchen preparing me ANOTHER breakfast. Oh Lord, I hope you are with me again this morning!


  1. I would love Bed Meals! Although no one in my house gets up on the weekends earlier than me so it would have to be a back in bed meal. One of James' favorite shows is Chopped (on the cooking channel). In the show the chefs are given 3 completely out of control items to make a delicious food and then are judged on it. James has made many Chopped meals for us and we don't have a dog to help us with appreciating it! I am so glad that you have a young man who is taking such good care of you!!

    1. Oh no, get a dog, ha ha JK :) yes, he is a good lil man <3 think i'll keep him :)