Friday, April 6, 2012

Yay! Its Ryan Friday!!!

Another week, and I made it to Friday, with only a few extra gray hairs :) This has been a busy week for us, well then again, our weeks are always busy! BUT....LJ was on tv, and we are all so very proud of the little advocate he is becoming! He made two videos with me for awareness, and did a great job! Also the Greater Good Network Austim Site has shared our story a few times, with likes totaling over 8,000, woo hoo!!!!! 
Without any further ado, here is my lovely Ryan for the week.....
Spring means more bike riding here, and I am trying to get my son off the training wheels, thus the inspiration for my Ryan this week.
Speaking of Ryan Gosling, while I was on the HLN site watching LJ's story, I found this one on Ryan, head over to check it out.

Don't forget to head over to Sunday's blog to check out her Ryan meme and all the others than participate this week...
Happy Friday and Happy Easter to you all <3


  1. Love it! Wow, Ryan is so sexy!

  2. WOW! There's just nothing Ryan can't do can he? :)

  3. Ryan is the best. Also google bicycling magazine. They did a great article a few years back about teaching your child how to ride a bicycle.