Monday, April 30, 2012

Message of Autism Positivity for #IWishIDidntHaveAspergers

A couple of weeks ago, someone somewhere googled “I Wish I Didn’t Have Aspergers”.  The phrase popped up in a blogging dashboard and struck the blogger as being particularly sad.  And so the Autism Positivity Flash Blog was born. 
Wouldn't it be great if EVERYONE with an Autism blog took part in this flash blog today. It could help one person, it could help 100.  It doesn't matter. I think what matters is, that the autism community as a whole is the most supportive group of people I have never met! So as far as a positive look on autism, that my friends, is at the top of my list. I have "met" so many great people online since my son was officially diagnosed, and the support has been overwhelming. Its almost as if we are all one big autistic family <3.
One thing that stands out in my mind, is that #IWishIDidntHaveAspergers needs to know, he/she is NOT alone. Though never meeting any one of us, we are all going through  similar trials, and if another in the community needs a shoulder to cry on, or a boost up, any one of us is there to help. 
I have to admit though, not every day am I always so upbeat and positive. I too have my moments where I think, "God, why us? Why him?" Its not long before the voice inside my head tells me LJ was chosen for this "struggle" for a reason, and we, his parents, were also chosen to guide him through it for a reason.
I can say that my son's autism has already taught me so much. I am more patient, more compassionate, more understanding. I look at all children differently now. I have always seen them as gifts from God, but now when I see one in public giving mom and dad a super hard time, I DO NOT think "brat" I think, " I wonder????" 
Another great thing autism has done for us is bring us closer together. Before the diagnosis, hubs and I argued quite a bit. He would tell me I was spoiling our son, and making him bratty. I would tell him he was too hard on him. (This momma knew there was something more going on with LJ!) After Lj's official dx it was like a proverbial weight had been lifted off our shoulders. I won't lie, I did cry, a lot at first. In no time at all however, I dove into researching Autism head first, and one of the first things I learned is, WE WEREN'T ALONE!!!! For me, that was a HUGE relief. 
My son LJ calls Autism his Super Powers, and I tend to agree. Its a great way to look at life!
If I could suggest anything to #IWishIDidntHaveAspergers, it would be to get online. Whether it be facebook, twitter, google plus, ANY social networking site, and find others like you. The Aspergers/ASD community is large, and will make you feel not so alone, because you aren't alone :)!

I am so sorry that you feel this way #I Wish I Didn’t Have Aspergers. For whatever reason, maybe someone was hurtful to you? If so, know that not everyone is like that. There are many of us who would be there to support you, and not judge you!
Also, I would love to hug you, because for me, a hug always makes me feel better :)

Please join with us on the last day of Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month – April 30th – in a flash blog of autism positivity.
To Participate CLICK HERE!!

This Autism Positivity Flash Blog Event is the brainchild of Thinking About Perspectives, a group of bloggers committed to increasing autism awareness and acceptance via open and respectful dialogue.  We are:  30 Days of AutismOutrunning the StormThe Third GlanceAspie Kid,Flappiness IsQuirky and LaughingLife on the SpectrumFairy Tale ForgottenThe Aspie Side of Life, and Inner Aspie.

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