Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hoppy Easter!!!

Gearing up for another Easter! I love this time of year. Spring brings a feeling of being renewed! LJ is excited about a visit from EB and his egg hunt at nana and papa's. We have colored our eggs (all 3 1/2 dozen) and deviled some eggs. We have our FRESH polish kielbasa thawing, no Hillshire Farms crap, REAL polish kielbasa. My mom makes it well, but I have to admit I miss the way gramma makes it... All we have left to do is to make our Easter cupcakes for dessert tomorrow. My parents and sis give up sweets for Lent, so what a better way to enjoy the end of lent than with some yummy cupcakes. I gave up wine (yes, I am aware now that that was CRAZY!!!!!) So I plan on indulging a bit tomorrow evening :) 
I want to post a few pics of our eggs, the ones we dyed for the deviled eggs came out really neat. I suggest it to everyone and plan on doing them like this from now on. I'm also gonna share some pics of a game I made up yesterday for Lj and his cousin....

                                EGG COLORING~ NOTE: a whisk works great to hold the eggs for                                   dyeing, especially for clumsy little hands :)
LJ's eggs..
In these mugs are the eggs for the swirled devil eggs, I simply cracked the eggs, and let them soak in egg dye (without vinegar) for a few hours.
This is how they looked when they were ready to be peeled.
Ready to be deviled. They turned out so cool!
Can't wait to eat these :)

Now, the following pics are of our new game. Its a variation of the game Recycled Jug Catcher from OT Plan. It works on eye-hand coordination skills in addition to developing fine motor skills.
All we did was use eggs instead of balls of paper. LJ loved it, as did his cousin and a few of the neighborhood kiddos.

This was a great game, as they were having fun while working on the following skills: 

                                                  The OT Plan sight is awesome, and since my son isn't currently working with an OT I use it alot to help him myself at home.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. From my family to yours.....

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