Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun with Some Ecards...

So now I am addicted to making those ecards that float around facebook. Its much more fun when u can make your own. Of course mine are autism based, because lets face it, thats our lives now, lol. What's really cool is one in particular I posted on my community page, and now I see it popping up everywhere! I figured many other parents would be able to relate to it. It kind of sucks that so many of us can relate to it because in my opinion, we should not have to fight so hard to get our special kiddos the proper education in a proper environment. I really thought one of the perks of living in the US was the right to an education, but for our kids that doesn't seem so :( 
On a happier note, here are my pics, with the most popular first...

I forgot this one....

I really enjoyed making these, and when I make some more I will post them. Maybe I should start my own meme?? :)
For those interested, I have started a community facebook page to create awareness and share. You can check it out at


  1. TOOOOO funny and unfortunately tooooo true! Thanks for sharing.

  2. thank you, i thought they were pretty good, and unfortunately I too am learning they are too true!

  3. These are pretty f'in stupid.
    Sorry your kid has Autism, but I mean, these still aren't clever.

    1. Dear Anon,
      I am NOT sorry my son has autism. I am sorry YOU feel sorry for him. In our home, his autism is embraced, not something we feel negative about. If you were a parent of an autistic child, you find the humor in these. Obviously you are NOT, so you don't see the point. Opinions are like butt holes, everyone has them. I am sorry YOU think my pics are "pretty fin stupid," but I find your comment pretty fin stupid. Why would you waste your time leaving me a nasty comment. Have you nothing better to do? I pray that when you have children, yours is NOT 1 in 88 with Autism....

    2. Dear "Anonymous",

      I am truly sorry for you that your life is so empty, you have nothing better to do than to troll the web, insulting people who are already facing a harder struggle than most. Please, do not pity those of us living with autism in our lives - I guarantee we are not the ones who are in need of sympathy. We hope, we love, we laugh. We do not revel in causing pain to others. I hope you find some fulfilment one day.

      Dear Courtney,

      I am often left in awe of your ability to rise above. To see the humour in the heartache, and to lift your lives out of the hardship and into the light. May you be truly blessed and live every day to its fullest. You are infinitely more beautiful than someone like "Anonymous" - a person who hides behind the easy cloak of anonimity and lacks the courage to even own his words. We are blessed with our 'au'some boys and you are a shining light.

      H x

    3. thank you so much! U brought tears to my eyes <3 well said to anon as well :)

    4. Dear Anon,

      Sorry you feel that you have to be insulting to others - all the while feeling brave by NOT putting your name out there. Must be a 'big' person to feel safe to insult from behind a computer screen.

      As the mother of an Aspergers teen, these are more fitting then you will EVER realize. It's little 'posters' like these that help me realize that I am not alone in this world. Someone else is either going through these same struggles and trials as I am or they have been already. There are those of us out there who are willing to be there to be a shoulder to cry on, offer words of encouragement and share our struggles to help others going through the same things. We also share our thoughts, ideas, and fears - knowing there is someone else out there who could benefit from us or help us when we need a hand up from being repeatedly kicked down by people like you.

      I truly hope you are never blessed with an ASD child. I don't think you are strong enough or special enough to handle them. They are special young people who need to be handled with love and care, not scorn and judgement.

  4. Don't like them? Feel free not to read them.

  5. I was pm'd this and asked to share, so here it is:
    Lou Hemmings
    I give up, was saying I could copy and paste but kept coming up blank.
    Anyway, I had basically come up with the following:
    Dear Anon,
    Don't be sorry for our Autistic kids for one day they are going to be World leaders, inventors, life saving surgeons, you name it they will achieve it.
    Unlike you Anon, they will not feel the need to be anonymous, if they saw you fall over they would pick you up, brush you off and pat you on the back because they are good people.
    Me on the other hand have dealt with people like you for far longer, and be assured that after my son has helped you up I may just trip you again and wipe my feet on you without a second thought, because that is how I roll.
    So next time you feel the need to belittle someone in an anonymous fashion remember that person has a lot of very supportive friends, many of whom are raising the leaders of tomorrow.
    You may repost this of you don't think it is too harsh.

  6. Well as a kid , I was taught that anonymous letter senders were the gutless non wonders of the world ; I don't think much has changed even now with the advent of the computer age.
    You are entitled to your own opinion dear nonny-mouse[like butt holes- Geez that totally cracked me up] but as you are too much of a wimp to even own to your own opinion .... verbal flatulance springs to mind. Count your blessings if you don't live in Australia - Juliar would slap a Carbon Tax on you.
    For my two bob's worth ; I thought the e-Cards were pretty spot on.

  7. Anon must be a truly unhappy, miserable person. I feel blessed that I have my autistic granddaughter in my life. Thr sky's the limit when I look into her eyes. Anon will never be able to feel such love and awe as I do about my Sophia. I don't think anon is capable of such feeling.

  8. Dear Anon.....reading your comment made me sad for a split second, but then I looked at my daughter twirling like a ballerina and my heart exploded with happiness again:) not be sorry that some children have autism, be sorry that you felt miserable enough to post the crap that you'd never be able to walk a mile let alone a step in my shoes, & honestly I would never give you the chance, although I am sure my autistic daughter could teach you a heck of alot! I have a phd in my little one and its ok if you are jealous, I'd be jealous as well because her and all autistic children are pure awesomness!!:)

  9. its amazing the things you can do with ecards :)