Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th.....

I am so glad its Friday!!! Though yesterday was hell, I now realize today is Friday the 13th and I really hope today is better than yesterday because I fear for the safety of others if it's not, JK, but seriously, it better be better! We had a meeting with LJ's intended school district yesterday.(the one he attended for 4 days, and because of his crying due to over stimulation, they made sit in the hallway for 4 days, and at no point told me anything was wrong.) Long story short his Dr. of psych wants him to attend a classroom in the next district over for ASD kiddos. NEB tells me, its full, theres a waiting list, he first has to have a hard time in their school before they can consider it, oh and the kicker....wait for it......."a clinical diagnosis of autism is not the same as an educational diagnosis." They want to re do his psycho educational testing?!?!?! What is that gonna do other than piss him off because he already went through that once! Oh, and lets not forget, according to them, "he doesn't qualify for an IEP because he doesn't need special education services." Apparently they think I am below average intelligence to actually believe this crap! I have been making phone calls, and will make more today. Our case worker has suggested an advocate from Harrisburg :) Take care that NEB school district!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ANYWAY, now that my venting is out of the way, here is my Ryan for the week <3

Don't forget to head over to Sunday's blog to see her Ryan's and all the others that linked up this week. Its sure to put a smile on your face :)
Mean time, I will be steering clear of ladders, black cats, and anything else that may make this day as bad as yesterday, lol.


  1. Oh my, Ryan is full of good ideas!!

  2. "verbal aggression therapy" that stuff is amazing. It always makes me feel better :D

  3. Love that expression "verbal aggression therapy"... now I'll feel so much better next time I lose it on someone. And Ryan fired up?! Well, that wouldn't suck!

  4. "Verbal aggression therapy", that was too funny! And I'm sure Ryan would defintley help!

  5. Yeah, I could use some help with my aggression, too right about now! Can I borrow Ryan when you're through with him? :)