Monday, March 5, 2012

Letter recognition/sight word fishing game

I finally finished the fishing game for my son. I am so proud of this one because it not only lets him work on retrieving letters to the sound I call out, but we also use it to build his sight words, all while working on his fine motor skills, and LJ thinks its a game, so he WANTS to play it :)
Below I will post pics and describe each step on how I made it. Try it and have fun with your kiddos :)

                                              Step one

I upcycled LJ's letter tub toys. Using paper clips, I bent the smaller end straight and poked it into the letter, then made a "hook" at the top. I used white paper clips on the consonants and black paper clips on the vowels.

Step Two
Next I had hubby get me a stick. (okay so he got me a branch, but we made due :)) Using wire tires (I upcycle these from opening toys at Christmas) I took yarn, tied a knot in one end, and every so often, wrapped a wire tie around the stick and the run, running it to the tip of the pole. I then took another paper clip, bent it open, and tied the end of the yarn around the small hook on the paper clip. Then I bent the larger end into a hook shape.

Step Three
Now is the fun part. I went out and got LJ's wading pool. I found it was cracked, so we couldn't add water. (we will have to get a new one when they are out) We put in the letters and the fishing began. I asked him to catch the "c" and he went on to fish out "cat."
LJ had so much fun letter fishing! I am going to work it into his daily lessons. We also made another fishing pole so when he has a friend over, they can "fish" together :)

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