Friday, March 23, 2012

FUN Friday!!

Well, as I stated in my Special Needs Ryan post, this week has been hell for this family. LJ especially had a rough week. He is missing his almost 16 year old half brother (who is a teen and too busy to make time) and LJ is taking it especially hard, having meltdowns daily. So this momma decided we needed some special fun, even if it only took his mind of it for a few hours. And who says fun has to cost money? We had a great day and didn't spend a dime. (We used stuff we had lying around the house!) We played "archaeologist" with some jello sensory bins, and made a water wall. Below I will add pics and explain what we did for any others looking for some free/low cost fun.

LJ craves tactile input, ALOT. So I had this idea to make his sensory bins with jello. First I used a little bleach and hot soapy water and washed two of his bins, (upcycled hospital pans) and his toy bugs (we got them from the Dollar Tree). Then I made up the jello according to the quick set method on the package. I used two boxes for one bin (so 4 all together) I did grape and strawberry (though next time I will use lighter colors as his hands are a bit stained.) Before you put the bins in the fridge, put some bugs (or any small animal) into the jello. 

Time to dig in....He was not about to use his hands!!!

Then he decided it would be more fun if he just dug in!

Lj said, "look mom, it made a bat fossil!"
I then explained to him how real fossil's are made. So not only was he getting some great sensory therapy, but he was learning as well!

After smooshing it through his hands, he decided to see what would happen when he mixed the jello....

Now he decided to see how it felt on his feet....

He insisted momma try it too! Gotta admit, it felt pretty cool!

All in all it was a lot of fun, and LJ said, "this was the best thing you made me yet!" I will definitely do this for him again. Hope you're kiddos enjoy it too!
After we were done cleaning up this mess, we moved on to making and playing with a water wall. Look for my "FUN Friday 2 post (hopefully I can write it soon)  to check it out! :) 

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