Friday, March 23, 2012

Fun Friday 2!!!!

So after our fun with the Jello sensory bins, I finally conned my hubby into helping me make LJ a water wall. I saw this on Pinterest and had to make him one!

We started by upcycling a piece of plywood our neighbor (ty Linda :)) was going to throw away. LJ and I then went thru the recycle bin and got some soda bottles. We washed them and took the labels off, and I cut them in half. I then positioned the tops of the bottles on the wood so that one would empty into the bottle below, and so on, using the bottoms of the bottles at the bottom to catch the water. Hubby then screwed them to the board. (We left room as we plan on adding more across the board)

Next we made some colored water in smaller bottles.

And now the fun begins!

Lj had so much fun with this too. He is ready to go back out and play with it some more!

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