Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bolt~not a Disney movie....

So today I think I may have suffered from a mild heart attack, lol. My son and I were walking into Burger King to use the potty. He was about 3 steps ahead of me, and a car started to drive through. Instead of stopping, LJ bolted right out in front of this car. Thank God the kid was watching and slammed on his breaks, just as I snatched LJ by the shirt. I was scare to death! I pointed out the car, asked if he saw it, he just looked at me! He then clung to my leg for about 10 minutes, as I lectured him on how unsafe and scary that was, and how lucky he was. In the back of my mind I was going to come home and start some internet harness shopping. Not 2 hours later, we were walking around the park with my friend and her daughter. A car starts to come up the road, so she and her daughter go to one side of the road, LJ and I to the other. This time, I made sure he was actually right against my side. Good thing I did because just as the car got closer, he went to bolt across the road AGAIN!!!! I quickly snatched his shirt, he acted as if it was no major deal! Needless to say, I am still shaken up about this. I know autistic kids are prone to wandering, and when he was younger he would take off all the time, but never across the road like this. This is definitely new to us, and I am so scared!!! I have found a few harnesses online, and will be visiting Walmart tomorrow to see what they have. I am not taking any more chances!

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