Monday, February 13, 2012

Sensory Diets

So, again, we were told by the OT that our son does need a sensory diet for his SPD, but "they don't work with that at their clinic." Ugh, it seems we start to see the light, then someone pulls the plug! She gave me some info, which sorry to say was useless. I decided that google would help me more. I found a great site called Sensory Diet Activities with lots of useful info. Of course they warn not to do a sensory diet without an OT, but when there are none in your area, and your child is home schooled, you figure it out for yourself. I AM NOT RECOMMENDING THIS FOR ANYONE ELSE. This is based on my hubby and I's personal opinion. We did however print out the sensory checklist and go over it with his TSS for reassurance. I also printed the sensory diet, and found that many of the things we already do with LJ, just not in a routine. Now we can adapt what we know works, and do it following more of a schedule to meet his needs. If your child has SPD, I suggest checking out this site, they have many helpful things on there.

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