Thursday, February 9, 2012

From AS to ASD

This week has been the worst in our life. Our son LJ had a terrible regression this past week. He has been obsessing over his thoughts, stating he "sees everything in movies, and get it out," of his mind. He has been crying, screaming, rocking and humming to calm himself down, none of which has worked. We went to his Ped. He put him on Tenex, and of course, it takes days to work. He needed something that worked now!!! The herbals supplements were doing no good. Music, massage, counting, singing, none of it worked! We had an emergency meeting with his therapists, all of whome we at a loss as to what to do. A happy, smiling child turned into a crying screaming mess in a matter of days. He won't let us hug him, kiss him, or even tell him we love him without "freaking" out. He is unrecognizable! We had had enough and were lucky to get him an emergency appointment with a new psychologist. He was diagnosed with mild autism, not AS. In a way, we were relieved. We finally had answers, we finally had more help. He is now "qualified" for more therapies, and even an ASD play program. As far as the other psych, he was trying to change LJ's diagnosis to just plain ADHD, after saying it was definately AS, and we felt like we had to argue with him to see what we saw. (You know, in the whole 15 minutes he would spend with him.) We finally have more hope, more help, and we will move forward. And so, I have changed the name of this blog to more appropriately fit our life.

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