Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stand up and fight!!!

As the mother of an Aspie, I am very upset over the proposed changes to the DSM IV. (click proposed changes for a link to them) These changes are a slap in the face to any child/adult diagnosed with Aspergers or PDD NOS. We can't take this sitting down. If these changes take place, 75% of those diagnosed with AS will no longer meet the criteria, and 80% diagnosed with PDD NOS will no longer meet the criteria. This is an outrage!  According to Dr. David J Kupfer, "We have to make sure not everybody who is a little odd gets a diagnosis of autism or Asperger's disorder." and "it involves a use of treatment resources.  It becomes a cost issue." (Click his name for more on the story)  Really????? You are calling my child ODD????? Well, I think you're a pompous ass!!!! My son has made some great strides with his therapy, take that away, and we're back to where we were a year ago, angry, sad and lost! Because my son is high functioning that means he may not fit the new criteria, and will be lost is the system so to speak. I for one plan to do all I can to help these changes NOT take effect, and I hope you will too. Below will be 2 links to 2 different petitions. Please sign, please ask your family/friends to sign, please share to facebook and twitter, please help our kids!

Petition 1
Petition 2

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