Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Changes to Diagnosis

Yesterday was LJ's ISPT meeting and appointment with his Psychologist. I am happy to report they changed his diagnosis a bit. They were able to confirm LJ's ADHD (a no brainer for hubby and I), as far as his Aspergers, his psychologist thinks its a very mild case, (we tend to agree.) He did however remove Disruptive Behavior Disorder NOS from LJ's diagnosis. This made hubby and I very happy. LJ has made some great strides in his therapy. He absolutely LOVES his TSS, and I feel without her, much of this would not have happened. As far as the DBD NOS, hubby and I despised that diagnosis. We both agree our son is often times a handful, but we do not believe its because of a behavior disorder. Lj's bad behavior is most often characterized by a need for something, whether it be a need for more sleep, a need for a sensory break, or even a need for attention. Like any child, NT or otherwise, of course he abhors the word "no," (let'S face it, who doesn't?) but the nature of the attitude or tantrum he has when he is told no, seems to rely on the atmosphere at the time. Ie.:if he is over tired at the time, if he asked repeatedly and finally "no" is yelled at him, (admit it mom's and dad's, none of us are perfect, we all have our breaking points!), if he is asking in a public place with spectators; and so on. All these things and MANY more decipher how LJ will react to "no" therefore I believe that diagnosis didn't fit his personality. Also, upon further detective work into the DSM IV criteria for DBD NOS, aggressiveness, stealing, bullying, and vengeful behavior are common symptoms used to diagnose this disorder. Anyone who knows my son knows this is NOT typical of him or his behavior. LJ is a rough child, in that he plays rough and sometimes doesn't realize his own strength or the impact it will have on another. Upon further detective work into his SID issues, we have come to learn that this is because LJ seeks proprioceptive input. In lamens terms (and I like these better) LJ's muscles and joints don't know when enough is enough, therefore they crave MORE! As far as bullying goes, LJ is the first to help the "underdog." He certainly is no bully! Aggressiveness and vengeful behavior are not in his make up so that is definately not a symptom he displays. Those of you who know my boy, know he is actually over sensitive and caring, to a point of annoying at times :). Last but not least, stealing. He is 5, and recently "stole" a movie from the local convenience store. When hubby realized he did it and asked him why, he replied, "because I told you I wanted it." When asked what stealing was he had no clue. When told what it was and what repercussions follow this action, he then became terrified he was going to jail. To this day, he will NOT go into said store because, in his words, "I am afraid that manager lady is gonna call the cops on me." So again, this symptom definately does not describe my boy. In summary, hubby and I know our son is a good boy, who often acts out, often very verbally, with many tears and sometimes physically, but not for any of the above reasons. His issues with SID, and Asperger traits seem to be the cause of this, and these are NOT things he can control. We are both happy to know  his psychologist realizes this as well.

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