Saturday, January 14, 2012

Melatonin the miracle worker!

From the day he was born, our Aspie has NEVER been a good sleeper. From hourly wake up calls as an infant, to not sleeping through the night until he was a year old. He has never required the amount of sleep as an NT child, nor has he ever gotten the recommended amount of sleep for a child his age. Also in the past few years his father and I have noticed he tosses and turns A LOT in his sleep, as well as yells, screams or cries out often. Not only does LJ not get enough sleep, but neither do we because of his sleep patterns. Finally after 5 years of this, we called a foul, and asked for help. After reading many articles and recommendations from his therapist and doctor, we decided to give Melatonin a try. We started him on 1 mg about 30 minutes before bed. What a difference! Within 20 minutes he was out cold! This from a kid who almost nightly struggles to fall asleep, to the point where he tells us, "I can't sleep because my brain is busy!" Not only did he fall asleep without a hitch, but his sleep is averaging 9-10 hours a night. A big difference from 6-7 hours before the melatonin. Hubby and I also noticed less tossing/turning, and NO yelling, screaming or crying out in his sleep. He did however have a hard time trying to swallow that little pill, and would instead chew it. We have since purchased him liquid Melatonin. One dropper under his tongue before bed is so much easier. If you're reading this, and you or your child are experiencing similar sleep problems, I highly recommend speaking to your physician about trying Melatonin. After all, something made from natural ingredients is a lot safer than any man made drug used to help you sleep. Not to mention the difference in reported side effects of prescription sleeping pills compared to an all natural hormone such as Melatonin.

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