Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Home Made Sensory Toys

Easy DIY Sensory Toys
My aspie and I made these easy sensory toys for "art class" today. So easy, anyone can make them. We made an I Spy bottle, upcycling a Voss water bottle, rice and small items from around the house. (make sure you hot glue the lid on!) We also used upcycled tiny liquor bottles to make a water "globe" and a mini "lava lamp." For the water "globe," we simply used a little food coloring and water, some glitter, sequins and beads, then glued the lid on. For the "lava lamp," we half filled the bottle with colored water, then filled it with cooking oil, leaving a little room for air, then glues the lid on. The stress balloons are simply balloons stuffed with play doh and tied shut. He loves them all. They are unbreakable and fun, and  small enough we can keep them in our sensory car kit :)

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  1. Love the idea of playdough in the balloons, I have only done flour, which is a huge mess if he bites the balloon open. Thanks!