Thursday, December 29, 2011

"A whole new world with Aspergers"

The title of this post came from my aspie tonite. Boy is he spot on. Since his diagnosis in October our life has changed drastically, actually for better not worse. At the time of his diagnosis, aspie was out of control. Horrible temper tantrums and meltdowns occurring a few times daily left us all exhausted, mentally and physically. After 4 days in kindergarten, aspie shut down. No eating, vomitting, constant crying and begging to stay home. We were at a loss. Then we met with the psychologist. Aspie was diagnosed with AS, ADHD, OCD, ODD and SID. We were shocked, grief stricken and scared. First I thought, what did we/he do to deserve this? Now what? How can I help him? What next? My mind was bombarded with questions, my heart bombared with emotions. However, now, just a few months later, there is light at the end of our tunnel. I came to realize Aspie was meant to be our son, and we his parents, his advocates. After much research online and speaking with his doctor, we removed Gluten from his diet. What a change! We went from 2-3 meltdowns/tantrums a day, to 1 or 2 a week! The intensity has even decreased. If he cheats and eats something with Gluten however, we pay for it shortly after. His whole demeanor changes. Thanx to his TSS and her great ideas, I have created and implemented behavioral and activity charts, that aspie loves and makes sure I remember to update. He is still being home schooled. He eventually told us school was "too loud, and too stinky." We hope to integrate him back into school next year. He needs occupational therapy that the school will provide when he is enrolled. We also think he will benefit from being with other kids on a daily basis. My fear is another shut down, him being bullied, or him being bored and acting out. I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there. For now I am happy with the progress he has made so far, look forward to the future progress and will deal with set backs when they come. Until then, we take it day by day, mood by mood,and we're enjoying our "whole new world with Aspergers" and the wonderful little man we call "LJ."

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