Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Motor Mouth

Today my aspie got up at 630 am. Usually an early riser, this is still quite early for him. It seems that since his eyes have opened,so too has his mouth. Normally quite talkative, today has been over the top! I feel horrible because I know I should be happy my aspie talks, but as he is high functioning so too is his talking! I feel my brain has no time to absorb what it is he keeps telling me. Its not only the amount of talking, its the repetition of his talking. Having OCD as well, I have come to notice my aspie feels the need to repeat things 3 times. So not only is it non stop talking, but its non stop repetition! Am I horrible for wanting it to be bed time already?


  1. Woohoo its bed time! Hoping my aspie sleeps in tomorrow. His TSS will be here at 10 am and he s excited, he sure does love her!

  2. LOL my son wakes at 5:30 and is OFF most of his talking is scripts and Jargon and insane high pitched noises... its not cute at 5 am its really not . LOL