Sunday, March 18, 2018

Show Your Super Side!

    We all have a little Super Hero within us. Now your kids can show their super side, and keep warm on chilly nights or days. Enter Super Blanky!

Show Your Super Side! 

    My son loves his blankets! He has more than anyone I know. Liam also happens to love super heroes, with Batman being his favorite. So when I saw the Batman Super Blanky, I knew he had to have one! 

It's a kid! It's a Super Hero! It's a Super Blanky!

    With Super Blanky, kids can cuddle in it and stay warm of chilly days or nights. It's perfect for snuggling up and watching a good movie too! But maybe best of all is that this blanky also doubles as a super hero cape! Kids can just slip their arms through the patented "sleeves," and voila, they have a cape! Liam loves that it doesn't go around his neck because that makes him feel like hes' choking. Instead, Super Blanky goes across their shoulders! Oh, and it also came with a mask, which we know super heroes need to keep their identity secret!

Super Blanky is AWESOME! 

    We love Super Blanky! My son hasn't put it down since he got it the other day. But don't worry, if you child doesn't like Batman, there are a bunch of other Super Blanky styles to choose from. Kids can choose from Skye or Chase from Paw Patrol. There's Poppy from Trolls. Unicorn lovers will adore the Fluffy Unicorn Super Blanky from Despicable Me. They also have a T Rex from Jurassic Park, Catboy from PJ Masks, and an EmojiNation one too! To see them all and purchase online, head to Target.

Soft and Comfy

    Super Blanky is so soft and cozy! My son and I both love it, and we know you and your kids will as well. With Easter right around the corner, your kids will be stoked to find one in their Easter baskets. Afterall, the bunny doesn't just need to bring candy. He or she can bring them their very own Super Blanky. They all come with a special felt mask too, so your son or daughter will love to dress up and be comfy at the same time!

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Mr. Bubble Still Makes Bath Time Fun

     I grew up with Mr. Bubble. We always had a bottle of "his" bubble bath on the side of our tub, and it made bath time so much fun. It's all I ever used for Bran when he was little, and now for Liam.

 Mr. Bubble Still Makes Bath Time Fun!

    Good ol' Mr. Bubble has been around for fifty years. He was a part of our nightly ritual as kids, and then when I became a mom, he was and is part of my boys. Liam is (almost) twelve, but he still uses Mr. Bubble. After all, Mr. Bubble is America's favorite bath time buddy! 

    His current go to is Mr. Bubble Foam Soap. This stuff is so cool! Kids can mold it and create fun shapes in the tub. When they're done, they use it to wash themselves! This Foam Soap turns bath time into the perfect sensory experience, which also means the "mess" is contained in the tub. Since it's also soap, the aftermath can be rinsed away. So let your kids go wild and enjoy the fun!

    Liam "shaves" with it too. He has a few of those plastic toy razors. He takes his Mr. Bubble Foam Soap, and emulates how his daddy lathers up his face and shaves. Hey, it's great (and safe) practice for when he actually needs to shave. (Tear! They grow up TOO FAST!)

Sensory Scents 

    Okay, so Mr. Bubble is for everyone, but as an autism mom, I always find the sensory fun in products. Since his Foam Soap comes in different scents, it adds even more enjoyment to the sensory experience. You can choose from scents such as cherry, banana, cotton candy, watermelon, orange cream, grape, birthday cake, peach sorbet, and more. Each scent is also a different color which is even more fun!

Shower Painting

    Set up a Picasso Bath for your little ones! Grab all of the scents and colors of Mr. Bubble Foam Soap. Then get some paintbrushes, and one of your muffin tins. (If you don't want them using your good muffin pan, then upcycle an egg carton!) Fill each slot with a different scent/color, and let your kids have fun.

    They can "paint" the walls of the shower and tub with the Foam Soap, and when they're done, just rinse it away. It's a wonderful way to get them into the tub. Just be warned, it might be a chore to get them back out!

Mr. Bubble is the Bomb

Your parents trusted Mr. Bubble, and now we trust him for our kids. You can still get a full line of bubble baths, as well as Magic Bath Crackles and more. To see them all, visit Mr. Bubble. Easter is coming. Stock up and fill their baskets with fun! 

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Sensitive Skin? Want Something More Natural?

    If your child has sensitive skin, or if you're looking for something more natural, then check out Nourishing Naturals. (The Village Company is home to Mr. Bubble and the Nourishing Naturals line.) Nourishing Naturals line of bath time products features beloved Sesame Street characters, AND is made from all natural products, including fruits and veggies! You can get some at Target.  

Hyperacusis, Autism, and HearMuffs

     Hyperacusis is very common among autistics. You may not have heard of it by the medical name, but simply put, it's auditory sensitivities. It's hard to enjoy the world around you if certain noises or pitches actually hurt you.

Hyperacusis, Autism, and HearMuffs

    Liam was always sensitive to certain noises. I will never forget the time we were downtown to visit the craft store, and a bunch of semis were coming up main street. We were crossing the street up further, and suddenly he ripped his hand out of mine, fell to the ground, and shielded his ears with his hands.

    Thankfully at five years old, he was still small enough that I could scoop him and carry him to side walk quickly. That was a very scary moment, and one of my first learning experiences along our autism journey. (He wasn't diagnosed until he was five years old, so his Dx was fairly new when this happened.)

So What Do We Do?

    Children (and adults) on the Autism Spectrum that experience Hyperacusis often shield their ears to certain sounds, frequencies, or pitches. Often they will not go to certain places where these offensive noises happen. (For years, Liam struggled in the checkout lane of the grocery store. The beep of the scanner was excruciating for him.) Avoiding public places can socially isolate the autistic, but there is help.

    Hearing protection. A good pair of ear muffs will make their life so much better! By blocking out those painful noises, the wearer can once again enjoy the world around them.

HearMuffs by Lucid Audio

    Liam loves his HearMuffs by Lucid Audio. As his mom, I love them too. Not only are they comfortable for him to wear, but they're made with non-toxic, kid safe materials. HearMuffs are Audiologist recommended too! 

     These ear muffs feature an industry leading 22 Noise Reduction Rating (NRR.) That means they will protect their ears from not only painful, but also loud noises. Liam wears his if we're going somewhere that he knows bothers his ears. They're also handy for when he goes to the tractor pulls, mud bogs, and amusement parks. 

    They look cool too, so there's no worry of your older kids not wanting to wear them. HearMuffs come in a variety of colors. You can choose from orange, red, blue, pink, white, and more.

Kids and Younger 

    HearMuffs comes in different sizes too. The kids HearMuffs are for kids ages five to ten years old. Liam is almost twelve, and they fit him well since they're adjustable. However, if your child is younger, Lucid Audio also has HearMuffs for them too!

     To learn more, and see all of their products, visit Lucid Audio.  Right now you can SAVE 15% off your HearMuffs! Use coupon code hearmuffs15 at checkout! 

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Stepping into Poo Never Felt So Good

    Everybody's favorite Emoji is now a slipper. Stepping into Poo never felt so good. Your feet will stay warm, and look adorable in these slippers!

Stepping into Poo Never Felt So Good! 

    My boys love the Poo emoji. They have shirts, stress toys, socks and more featuring this happy bm. Now they have a pair of slippers! 

    These cozy slippers will keep your feet toasty warm. They'll keep the cold floors from making you feet feel cold too! They're nicely padded for cushion and comfort. The dots on the bottom help to keep the wearer from skidding across linoleum or hardwood floors.

Perfect for Tweens, Teens, and Adults 

    These emoji slippers are one size fits all, but are geared towards larger feet. They fit both my tween son, and my adult son. (The tween has room to spare.) If for some reason your kids don't love the Poo emoji, there are other emoji's to choose from!

    They have the tongue out emoji and the one that is showing a toothy grin! You can also choose from panda slippers, or cute and fuzzy sheep. With Easter coming, any of these would make a wonderful addition to your older kids baskets. (They fit me too, so grab yourself a pair too!)

Culinary Couture for the DIY Foodie

    I love to cook and bake. That means having quality kitchen utensils. I recently discovered Culinary Couture, and I'm in love!

Culinary Couture for the DIY Foodie

    If you have a DIY foodie in your life, then you have to check out Culinary Couture. They have a wide selection of products to make your cooking experience more enjoyable. From measuring cups and spoons, to pizza stones, barbecue tools, and so much more. It's one stop shopping for your kitchen!

Sturdy, Well Made Tongs

    Well made and sturdy tongs are a must. Those flimsy ones don't pick up enough food. Also, you want tongs with silicone on them to protect your pots and pans. I just got Culinary Couture's Set of Three Light Blue Kitchen Tongs. I will NEVER use any other tong again!

    They're heavy duty, and very well made. Not only are the ends silicone to protect your pans, but there's also a silicone grip on the handles as well. The end features a silicone covered ring to hang them when not in use. To open the tongs, simply pull the ring outward. To close, push it inward. Easy peasy! The bonus is that they look great too!

    Culinary Couture's Kitchen Tongs are made from Stainless Steel. The top quality silicone will withstand heat up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit! That's far superior than any other tong I have used. Which means I can even use them when I deep fry foods. (Pączki I'm looking at you!)

Three Sizes for All Needs

    The set of three tongs comes with one small which is seven inches. The medium is nine inches long, and the large is twelve inches long. So whether you're cooking in the kitchen, or outside on the grill, you have a set of tongs for every need.

image courtesy of Culinary Couture

Fourteen Colors

    I chose Culinary Couture's Light Blue Set of Three Kitchen Tongs. However, with fourteen colors to choose from, you're sure to find the color you need for your kitchen. They have traditional black, grey, and brown. But they also have pink, green, purple, and more.

I adore my Culinary Couture tongs, and I know you will too. So head to their website, and grab yourself some. Hey, with Mother's Day and Father's Day right around the corner, they would make an amazing gift too!

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Does Your Fur Baby Scoot?

    If you're a pet mom or dad, then you may have noticed your fur son or daughter doing the "scoot." That's where they are rubbing their rears across your floor. They do this because their anal glands are not emptying properly. That's where Glandex comes in.

Does Your Fur Baby Scoot?

    If so, then they have an anal gland problem. Dogs "scoot" when their anal glands are inflamed. It's more common among small and medium sized dogs, however large dogs and cats can also have the same issue. 

     So what is the "scoot?" This is when dogs (or cats) drag their rear end across the carpet or ground. They do so because their anal glands have not been emptying properly and are either impacted or infected.

What Causes the Scoot?

    Many things can contribute to a dog's anal glands not emptying properly. But it basically boils down to their bowel movements. When a bowel movement is solid enough, it will naturally press against the anal glands so they can empty properly. However, since diet can affect their BM, causing it to not be firm enough, the glands won't naturally empty. These secretions build up and become impacted. (Gland trauma, or deeper set glands can also contribute to scooting.)

    If your dog has this problem, then at times an oily and very foul smelling substance may be secreted. You'll know what it is because it has the most awful rotten fish type smell. It's disgusting and enough to gag you. But don't worry because Glandex is here to help!

Glandex Boots the Scoots!

    I first discovered Glandex through my parents. Their frenchie Benson, has anal gland issues like my Josie. Their vet actually recommended Glandex for him. He's been on it for months, and hasn't had any issues with his anal glands. Before taking Glandex, they would have to either express it themselves, or take him to Dr. Joan to have it done. (Let me tell you, it's gross, and you would definitely want the vet to do it.) But who wants to take their fur baby to the doctor all the time? 

    I don't, and neither do my parents, and I'm guessing you don't want to either. Which is why you need Glandex. If your dog or cat scoots, you can help them. It comes in tasty Peanut Butter Chews, or Beef Flavored Powder.

Easy to Give, and Pet Love it

    My Josie is super picky, and adding anything to her food causes her to turn her nose up. She automatically knows its medicine and will refuse to eat. So for her, I use the Glandex Peanut Butter Chews. She loves them and thinks they are a snack. Just one a day (for her size) and she no longer scoots, or leaves stinky gunk on our furniture or floor.

    Benson loves the Beef Flavored Powder. He actually won't eat unless you put something into his food. (He has a special food he has to eat for allergies.) So for him, my mom and dad add some Glandex to his food once a day. He no longer scoots, and doesn't have to have his anal glands manually expressed.

    My family swears by Glandex, but don't just take our word for it. Try it for yourself! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Make That Slime More Satisfying!

    If you're the parent of a tween or teen, then I'm willing to bet you're well versed in the making of slime. However, there are ways to make that slime more satisfying!! There are different kinds you can make, but you can also take a simple recipe, and add in some fun!

Make That Slime More Satisfying!

    We make slime a few times a week here. Not only is it a great lesson in mixing stuff and reactions, but for us, it serves a sensory purpose too! We recently made some Fluffy Slime, and that was a huge hit with Liam.

    Though it has lost a bit of its fluffiness, its currently his go to slime. He lays it out and cuts it, rolls it, scoops it and more. But I thought it would be fun if we added something to it. Which is where this Slime Supplies Making Kit comes in.

Loads of Fun

    This kit is a ton of fun! It's packed full of slime add ins to make them more satisfying to play with and even look at. The Slime Supplies Making Kit comes with twelve bags of foam beads in colors such as pink, white, blue, black, purple, and more. It also comes with two bags of mini foam beads in a mixed variety of colors, as well two bags of large foam beads in the same colors.

    You get one bag of colorful pom poms, a bag of clay fruit slices, a bag of loom bags, and a bag of fish bowl beads. Everything you need to make some crunchy, cool slime!

    It also comes with three tools for cutting, slicing, scooping your slime and more!

Fluffy Slime Recipe

    Let's talk slime making! I am going to share Liam's recipe for Fluffy Slime. I've added the measurements in an easy to reference image, but first, let's talk.

    Okay, so let me first say that generic glue does NOT make for very good slime. We have made TONS of slime, and it has to be with Elmer's. 

    Secondly, in order for this recipe to work, the contact solution MUST HAVE BORIC ACID in the ingredients. (The Equate brand at Walmart works great!)

     Third, only use 1 tsp of contact solution to start. You can always add more later. Also, don't add too much because once the slime "rests" it will be perfect. I always start Liam with one tsp, then add a bit more if needed. But don't make your slime too stiff or once it rests, it will be hard.

   And lastly, make sure you're using shaving cream foam. Don't use gels! This is important too!

     Gather your ingredients and you're ready to make some slime! 

    Are you enjoying your fluffy slime? I bet you are. But not it's time to add some texture! Add some foam beads, the fish bowl beads or both!

    If you're making slime with clear Elmer's, try adding some of the fruit slices! They look so neat in there! As you can see, we are loving our Slime Supplies Making Kit. If you have a slime lover, they're going to love it too! With Easter quickly approaching, it would make a great addition to their Easter basket!