Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Turn Bathing into a Sensory Experience

    I've always had to find ways to lull my child into bathing. He's twelve, and still it's an issue. ("There's too much to do to waste time on bathing!") I've found that turning baths into a sensory experience is a great way to get kids in the tub.

Turn Bathing into a Sensory Experience

    The first step to creating a fun bath is knowing what kind of sensory fulfillment your child needs or wants. Let me start by saying that your child doesn't have to be a special needs child to benefit from a sensory bath. Kids in general love them. I've had neurotypical kids here enjoying sensory fun in wading pools, just as much as my special needs son does.

    That being said, let's see what experience you want to give your child. Do they crave smells? If so, then a bath to fulfill their olfactory needs would be perfect. Maybe they like bright lights, and different things to look at. If so, some pool lights, and light up toys will be perfect. If you're looking to fill tactile needs for a kid that loves to feel everything, then maybe a jelly bath, shaving cream "paint" or some cooked noodles. 

We do this one outside because it can get messy. Cook noodles in colored water. That's it! It feels like seaweed!

Bath Bombs are the Bomb

    Liam (and I) especially love bath bombs. These fulfill a few senses at once, and are amazing! We get ours from Sudzy Bums. Her bombs are the bomb. They smell fantastic! They also fizz a bunch so that fulfills Liam's tactile need. He also loves how they color the water too. (He likes to use one of Sudzy Bums bath bombs, and adds in waterproof lights too.)

Fun for the Entire Family

    Sudzy Bums has a full selection of bath bombs, liquid soaps, bar soaps, soaks, scrubs, moisturizers, and so much more. All hand crafted for you and your loved ones. Make sure to get yourself something too, because you deserve to be pampered after getting your kiddo in the tub.

    Does your child love bubble baths? Liam and I both do. For him, I add sensory lights, and add bubbles to his bath. It turns it into an instant sensory fun bath. Sudzy Bums has Bubble Scoops, and Bubble Bath that is perfect for these types of baths. 

Add a Sudzy Bums Bubble Scoops, grab a light wand or some waterproof tub lights, and let your son or daughter have a blast.

Where to Buy

    We love Sudzy Bums, and we know you and your family will as well. So check them out on Etsy

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Don't Compete for USB Ports While on Vacation

    We're a family of four (not counting our fur babies.) Therefore, we all have more than one device that relies on a USB port for charging. When we vacation, there aren't always enough outlets for each of our USB ports. So we're constantly competing or staggering charges for everyone. Thanks to KabelDirekt that's no longer an issue.

Don't Compete for USB Ports While on Vacation

    KabelDirekt recently sent us their Four Port USB charger. That means one outlet can now charge four devices at one time. This is fantastic for us! No more arguing over whose phone or tablet has the least amount of battery, and therefore gets priority. No more juggling devices and searching for accessible outlets in our cabins or cottages.

Rapid Charging Wherever You Roam

    The four USB ports on the KabelDirekt charger rapidly charge any USB device. All four are protected against over heating, over current, and short circuits. You can feel safe while charging your family's devices. 

Sturdy and Sleek

    The sturdy design is sleek and goes with anything. You can choose from black or space grey. The housing of the charger is made from aluminum so not only will hold up to life, but it looks great too. 

Perfect for Travel or Every Day

    We won't only be using our KabelDirekt Four Port USB Charger just for travel. As a matter of fact, it's currently plugged into the outlet next to our couch for everyone to use. The charger even comes with three nano pads, so you can mount it anywhere in your home. When it's time for vacation, it will be packed right along with all of our devices so we can use it and eliminate the USB port arguments that follow us on our trips.

    If you have a larger family, or just more devices, then grab two or more of the KabelDirekt Four Port USB Charger. My husband already said he wants to get one more. We usually get a large cottage on Chincoteague Island, and share it with my sister and brother in law. That means a few more devices that need to charge via USB. This way, we can pack less chargers, and actually charge more devices!

Take Your Water Exploration to the Next Level

    Liam and I are water babies. We love water, and anything to do it with. Summer is heaven for us because we can fish, swim, and more in local water holes. If you're like us, then you too can take your water exploration to the next level. Whether you live seaside, lakeside, or creekside, the Obliviscar Snorkel is for you!

Take Your Water Exploration to the Next Level

    As I said, we love to swim. Both of would rather swim underwater too. However, for my son, he HAS to have not just goggles, but something to keep water from his nose. Due to sensory issues, this is a must for him. Which is how we discovered the Obliviscar Snorkel Mask.

    This is a full face snorkel mask. It's amazing! You can actually breathe in and out NORMALLY while wearing it too! (However, if you dive deeper, and the tube goes below water, make sure to just breathe OUT.)

Comfortable and Fog Free

    The Obliviscar Snorkel is very comfortable to wear. It's autism approved (by Liam) and we both think it feels normal on our face. This mask keeps all water out, and because of the innovative design, it's fog free. The breathing chamber is closed off your breath won't fog up your mask. It really works.

Non Squeezing

    The Obliviscar Snorkel mask doesn't squeeze your face but seals perfectly. The straps are adjustable so you can get the best fit. It also comes in two sizes. Small/Medium, and Large/Extra Large. Our family wears the Large/Extra Large comfortably.

    Your mask comes with a longer breathing tube so you can easily enjoy snorkeling and exploring, anytime, anywhere.  As a bonus, it comes with a waterproof phone case that fits most smartphones, and silicone ear plugs too. It also comes with a mount so you can snorkel while wearing your GoPro camera! 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Save Your Phone Port and Charge Wirelessly

    Since smartphones have been a way of life, I've been through quite a few. You know what usually goes first? The charging port! I've had to give up three phones because the charging ports went on them. Now, you can save that port and charge wirelessly!

Save Your Phone Port and Charge Wirelessly

    I just upgraded to a Samsung S7. (Yeah, I know, I'm a bit behind, but I'm cheap!) I was so excited that I finally had a phone I could charge wirelessly. Needless to say, I didn't even have it a week before I was searching for one.

    I chose the Qi Wireless Pad Charging Station. Now all I need to do is lay my phone on this charging pad, and it quickly re-charges my phone. Easy peasy!
    The Qi Wireless Pad comes with the cord that the pad needs to get power. All you need to do is plug the pad into a USB port. 

Charges Through Cases

    As long as your phone case isn't super thick, you won't need to remove it to charge your phone with the Qi Wireless Pad. I charge mine right with the case on it, and it works perfectly. The only case I remove is the one with my Pop socket, because it keeps my phone above the pad.

Works on Many Devices

    The Qi Wireless Charging Pad works on a bunch of different devices. If you're a fan of Samsung like myself, it will work on the Note 5, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Plus, the S7 (like mine,) the S7 Edge, S8, Note 8, S8 Plus, the S9 and S9 Plus.

    If you're more of an Apple fan, then have no fear! The Qi Wireless Charging Pad works on iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the new iPhone X too! Here is a list of other phones it will work on too.

  •  -Nokia Lumia 920/ 928 
  • -Motorola Moto 360 Smart Watch 
  • -Google Nexus 6 / 4 / 5 
  • -LG G6 (US ) V3
Dim red light when the pad has power

Sleep Friendly

    What I love about the Qi Wireless Pad Charger is that it's sleep friendly. Unlike many others it doesn't have bright lights on it that will keep you awake at night. This was huge for me when I was choosing which wireless charger I wanted. I like my room completely dark. This charger has a dim red light when plugged in, and when your phone is lying on it charging, it has a dim blue/purple light. That way you know it's charging, but the light isn't offending your sleep.

Dim blue/purple light when phone is charging

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Smudge it Away

    I'm a firm believer that natural is better. That being said, yes, we do medicate our son. Because when his depressive cycles got so severe, he needed something more. Now, we have found a balance between natural and medical. We smudge it away, and it seems to be working wonders for my son.

Smudge it Away

    I first discovered Sage Smudging when I was a paranormal investigator with a local group. We often talked about this option with clients, so I was well versed in it calming properties. As my son started to get older, and his symptoms of depression and anxiety deepened, it dawned on me that maybe sage could help him too.

    Guess what? It did. However, we all love the smell of fresh sage, but once it's burning, it really doesn't smell that great. That's why I am so excited to share this Sage Smudge Spray from MoonWater Elixirs with you all.

Smells Amazing and Eases Mind, Body, and Soul

    As soon as my Sage Smudge Spray came, I immediately had to smell it. Let me tell you, it's fantastic! My son struggles with olfactory overload thanks to Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, so I was curious as to what he would think about it. He loves it too, and immediately sprayed some in the air, and then walked through the mist. 

    However, this spray isn't just special because it smells divine. It's special because of it's ingredients. MoonWater Elixirs, uses planetary alignment, the Moon, and reiki healing to curate the spring water in their spray. There is Sage essential oil, and even a piece of charged crystal in each bottle of Sage Smudge Spray.

Clear the Air

    Feeling like you're in a rut? Is your home full of tension? If so, then give Sage a try. You may think it's hokey, but I am here to tell you, it helps. My son has been using sage to help him since he was seven. He's now twelve, and we still use it. As I said, we don't care for the smell of it once it's been burnt, so MoonWater Elixir's spray is so much better for our family.

     Mist it around your room. Spray your pillows. Use it as a body spray. Either way you choose to do it, you can relax and enjoy the fresh, positive feeling it brings to you. Even your fur babies will enjoy the calming properties of the Sage Smudge Spray.

HOW ABOUT 50% OFF? Use code 18854COU at checkout!

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Fashionable Jewelry to Fulfill Sensory Needs

    My son has always been a chewer. I can't tell you how many shirts he ruined before we knew about autism, and Liam's need to chew. When we did, we sought out chewy tools to help him. However, as he gets older, those cutesy kids chewers aren't so "cool" any longer.

Fashionable Jewelry to Fulfill Sensory Needs

    Now that Liam's a tween, he's much more concerned with appearance, and "looking like a baby." So finding him something that not only fulfills his sensory needs, but also looks more grown up isn't easy. That's why I love Gumeez. Their designs are more in style and don't look like they're chewies. 

Gorgeous Pieces You'll Want to Wear

    Gumeez pieces are so stylish. Kids and even moms will WANT to wear them because they look amazing. But they're also silicone chewies, so they fulfill two purposes. Their necklaces and bangles look so neat! You're going to have a hard time just choosing one!

    They have a full selection of necklaces for moms to wear, as well as ones for younger kids. They have clip on teethers, and bangle bracelets too. You can choose from mermaids, foxes, penguins, and more. There's something for everyone.

Silicone and Safety

    All Gumeez teething jewelry is made from one hundred percent, food grade silicone. That means it's safe for babies and kids (or even adults) alike. They're also BPA and lead free, so you can take comfort in knowing your angel is safe. 

    Gumeez necklaces all feature a break away clasp. This takes away the risk of a choking hazard from the necklace. It also means that if you're wearing it, and your son or daughter wants to chew, they won't be choking you to get to their beads. The necklace will break away so you don't get choked either.

    Not only can you clean your Gumeez with soap and warm water, but they're also dishwasher safe too. Just toss them in and run your dishwasher. Easy peasy!

Whether you have a child on the autism spectrum, or a little one that's teething, check out Gumeez.

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Apply Foundation and Concealer Flawlessly

    If you're in the market for a new set of makeup brushes, then look no further. With the Maange Kabuki brushes, applying your foundation and concealer flawlessly, will be a breeze.

Apply Foundation and Concealer Flawlessly

    Finding the perfect brush to put on your makeup isn't always easy. I've been through a few sets now, and I happen to be in love with my newest one. I just got this set of three kabuki brushes from Maange. They're designed to apply foundation, concealer, and to help you contour your face.

Synthetic Fibers 

    These kabuki brushes have synthetic fiber bristles. They're super soft and pliable, but firm enough to evenly cover the contours of your face to apply makeup. The synthetic fibers keep your liquid makeup from absorbing into the bristles. This means that more of your makeup actually gets on your face. Which also means you'll use less, and waste less. (I have brushes made from natural fibers, and I hate how they suck up my expensive foundation!)

Shaped Brushes

    This three piece set is so functional. Each brush has a different shape to the bristles. There's a rounded one, an angled one, and a straight edge one. These are perfect for applying highlighter, blush, foundation, concealer, and more.

Beautiful Shell Design

    If past lives were real, then I was a mermaid. So I happen to love the scallop shell handles on my Maange Kabuki brushes. They not only look gorgeous, but they give you something sturdy to grip on. You can get them in multi-colored shells, black, or even gold. They're all beautiful!