Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Fresh Breath in Time for the Holidays

    Fresh breath is important, even for our fur babies. If you dog's breath is horrific there's no need to worry! You still have plenty of time to get their mouths clean and fresh before your holiday guests start arriving!

Bayleigh is feeling festive already!

Fresh Breath in Time for the Holidays

    The holiday season is upon us. Turkey Day is just ten days away! Santa told me there are only forty two sleeps until his arrival. All of this means that for many of us, family and friends will be visiting. That also means your pets will be kissing the loved ones. You don't want them to have bad breath. So get them some Whimzees!

The Thirty Day Challenge

    We recently took part in the Whimzees Thirty Day Challenge with Chewy.com. This challenge is simple. Simply grab a thirty day supply from Chewy and treat your furry bff to one Whimzee per day. Honestly, after the first treat, you will notice a difference in their breath.

    That's because Whimzees aren't just a tasty snack. They're also yummy toothbrushes for dogs. While your canine bestie is chewing on their Whimzee, the treat is working to scrape unsightly and smelly tartar and plaque from their teeth. This nasty stuff is what makes their breath so foul. So, if they eat a Whimzee each day, their teeth are getting brushed. Wiping away all of that smelly gunk! 

Don't let Josie's stank face fool you! Her breath is super fresh!

They Don't Just Taste Good 

    That's because Whimzees are good for our fur babies too. They're made with limited ingredients, and the ones they do use are the best. These treats are gluten and grain free, as well as artificial color and flavor free. Oh and they're made using non GMO ingredients. We all want what is best for our children, even our furry ones!

So don't wait! The countdown in on! Head to Chewy.com and grab a 30 day supply of Whimzees. Your dog will love you for it, as will your holiday guests!

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Festive Treats for Your Feline Friends

Tis the season! I love summer, but it feels so wonderful to finally be able to say that. (Christmas is my jam y'all!) When shopping for the holidays, we can't leave out our fur babies. So today we're going to highlight treats for our feline friends.

Festive Treats For Our Feline Friends

    Our cute kitty is technically my "granddaughter." Liam rescued her as a sickly feral baby, and insisted she would be his baby. He takes very good care of his sweet girl, and we are all so thankful for his dedication to saving her precious life. So he's very proactive when it comes to making sure she gets special gifts for the holidays. As a matter of fact, he is the one who chose Temptations Holiday Dinner Treats for her. However, upon seeing them, he immediately opened them up, and started spoiling her. So I guess we'll need to get more for under the tree!

    As she was devouring them he told me a couple of things he liked about them.

"Mama! I love this container! When the treats are gone, we use it to store other treats." Clara happens to love Temptations treats, but Liam struggles with the bags. Due to his fine motor difficulties he sometimes can't get them open, and rarely can get them closed. So for him, this Stay Fresh Pack was a huge selling point.

"These treats are Christmas colors!" Indeed they are. Temptations Holiday Dinner Treats are reddish and greenish in color, making them very festive for the season. They're also flavored with turkey and sweet potato, just like a holiday dinner!

Crispy, Crunchy, and Soft

    Temptations Holiday Dinner Treats are crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. The crunchy layer is designed to keep your cats teeth clean. It helps to scrape tartar and plaque from their pearly white teeth. The soft and meaty inside is yummy and irresistible to pawfect little pets! (We have to keep the dogs away when we give these treats to the cat,  or else they will sneak and eat Clara's Temptations before she can gobble them all up!)

   These treats are less than two calories each, so they're perfect for all cats. Use them as a snack or reward. You can even use them in place of cat food. A quarter cup of Temptations can replace a quarter cup of other dry cat foods.

    Our sweet Clara gives Temptations Holiday Dinner Treats TWO PAWS UP and we know your feline friends will too. So head to Chewy.com and grab some for the holidays. You might want to grab extra though! ;)

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Latte Love for Your Pets

    Even though many of us are getting into the holiday spirit, it's still fall. Which means it's pumpkin spice season. Now you give your pets some latte love with a drink that is designed just for them!

Latte Love for Your Pets

    I don't personally like to drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but I do have many friends that do. So when I saw that The Honest Kitchen has Pumpkin Spice Latte mix for pets, I knew my girls had to have some. As a matter of fact, last Christmas I got them The Honest Kitchen's Egg Nog Mix, and they went bonkers for it, so I knew they'd love the latte mix as well. Thankfully Chewy.com carries all of this yummy stuff (and more) so within two days, their new drink mix was here. 

Paws Down, The Yummiest!

    All three girls drank it right down. That's right! Both dogs, and the cat loved it. I love that it's a treat that is designed for both canine and feline babies. It makes me happy to be able to give them all of the same thing. (Our girls are our babies, and I hate to feel like one feels left out.) Best of all, it's good for them!

Honestly Good

    This all natural treat is made from real goat's milk! Yes, you read that right. They combine that with pumpkin, honey, and other spices to create a liquid treat for your furry kids. Best of all there is no artificial colors or flavors, no fillers, grain, wheat or soy. There's also no GMO ingredients either. After all, pets are our family, and they deserve the very best too.

An Easy Treat That's Perfect for Cold Days

    Pumpkin Spice Latte from The Honest Kitchen is perfect for chilly days because you serve it warm. Just follow the directions on the back, and go by your fur baby's weight to figure how much to make. Let it cool a bit, and serve warm. The holidays are coming, so why not treat your furry family to this tasty drink to accompany their holiday meal! 

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Don't Let Your Loved Ones Run Out of Battery Power

In today's world, we are driven by our devices. It's how we communicate, work, entertain and more. So this holiday season, give your loved ones the gift of longer battery life.

Don't Let Your Loved Ones Run Out of Battery Power

    There's nothing worse than getting ready to go somewhere, and your device is low on power. If you won't be in your car long, then you can't exactly get a full charge on your device. And if you're going somewhere with no access to power, you still can't continue charging. That's where today's product comes in. This Portable Charger Power Bank from Aikove will keep their devices charged wherever they may roam!

Powerful Charger

    Aikove's Portable Charger Power Bank packs a punch! This small device boasts 24000 mAh which means it will charge many devices before it needs to be charged itself. Not only that, but it features three USB slots. Therefore users can charge multiple devices at one time. This was a huge sell for me because it seems my son's phone is ALWAYS dead. When I need to charge mine, he's upset because he can't charge his. So I got one of these power banks for the family. It's the perfect gift for all of us, and I know it will be a wonderful present for anyone on your holiday shopping list.

Works On Many Devices

    Unlike other Power Banks that are geared towards a certain brand of phone, this one from Aikove works on a full array of devices. It works on all of our different Samsung phones, my RCA tablet, both mine and my husband's box mods, and more. Basically, if your device charges with a USB cord, then you can charge it via this awesome Power Bank Portable Charger.

Not Too Big and Bulky

    I love the style of this Power Bank as well. It isn't big and bulky like a lot of other chargers I have had. It's about the size of a smartphone, so it will easily fit into pockets, purses, backpacks, and so much more. It's not super heavy either. Weighing in at 355 grams, it's heavy enough to know that it's a power li-Polymer battery, but light enough that it's not difficult to carry around.

Charge It Up and Go

    Simply grab one of these Portable Charger Power Banks, and charge it up. It will be fully charged in about nine to ten hours, and then you can charge all of your devices on the go. It features a digital LCD display screen so you can easily see how much power is left in your power bank. This device will make an amazing gift. Grab one for someone (or everyone) on your holiday shopping list. While you're at it, you may want one for yourself too!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

HGG for Fur Babies

Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide for Fur Babies!

Here you will find gift ideas for your precious fur babies.  

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